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Used by companies like Google, Yahoo!, eBay, and the U.S. Army, the Digium Switchvox is a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated phone system used in more than 170 countries by thousands of companies. Cloud- or server based, SwitchVox provides complete integration with your email and cell phone. And that’s just the beginning of what this workhorse can do. Give us a call; your ticket to the 21st century is more affordable than you think.

Fiber Optics


Experience the lightning-fast speed of fiber-optics cabling. With the demands of ever-increasing file sizes, you need infrastructure that won’t slow your business down. Transport more information, longer distances, and in less time than any other medium available. Fiber Optics is more affordable than ever, making it the logical choice for every work environment.


This cutting-edge technology requires specific knowledge, making an experienced technician vital to the integrity of your network. CTI provides that experience.

NEC SL1100


The NEC SL1100 is a hybrid digital/VoIP telephone system that can be configured for digitalVoIP, or both technologies. Converge your voice and data network and take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology while enjoying the hundreds of features you've come to expect from traditional digital/analog switching. The phones themselves have more buzzers, bells, and whistles than you could ever need.

                                                            AT&T                          CVD

Line 1                                                   60.00                         20.00

Line 2                                                   60.00                         20.00

Line 3                                                   60.00                         20.00

Line 4                                                   60.00                         20.00

                       TOTAL LINE PRICE:       240.00                        80.00


Federal Subscriber Line Charge            31.72                              -

911 Fee                                                  4.24                           3.00

State Cost-Recover Fee                         0.47                              -

Federal Universal Service Fee                6.88                             -

Texas Universal Service                          5.26                             -

Municipal Right-of-Way Fee                 17.24                             -

Cost Assessment Charge                      18.98                             -

DID Inward Dialing Number                    -                                4.00

TOTAL SURCHARGE & OTHER FEES:    84.77                           7.00


Federal Tax                                            5.07                             -

State & Local Tax                                  16.53                          7.18

TOTAL LINE TAXES                               21.60                          7.18

Long Distance Charges                         20.00                            -

AFL Unlimited 4-Line                            20.00                            -

Surcharges and other fees                      2.87                            -

Taxes                                                       1.56                            -

        TOTAL LONG-DISTANC               24.43                            -


           TOTAL MONTHLY BILL:          $370.80                      $94.18

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