Keep Your Phones.

Reduce Your Phone Bill. 

SIP telephone lines connect voice calls using your internet connection. The technology is secure and stable, and works with your existing telephone system - for about half the cost of your current phone service.


Harness the flexibility and affordability of VoIP right now, on your legacy
phone system. 
SIP trunks replace your existing phone lines with the leading 
technology of internet-based dial tone - at less than half the cost of traditional dial tone.
Switching is quick and easy. Welcome to the 21st century.

It's Time to Upgrade.

The Benefits of Internet-Based Dial Tone


Internet-based Dial Tone costs 60% to 85% less than traditional phone lines, and long-distance is included. No long-term contract required.


Activate new lines, transfer calls to your cellular device, and more, in minutes... With just a phone call.  


Over 68% of US businesses are using SIP trunks, and that’s because the SIP trunk technology of today is stable and secure.